The Story of South Sudan: A Poem

Dear Readers,

A few years ago the HART organisation ran a creative writing competition surrounding different human rights crises across the world. I delved into the poetry section as writing poetry is something I have always done and loved. One of the topics which particularly caught my interest what South Sudan. I am ashamed to say that prior to this moment I had not really thought about South Sudan nor had I ever researched into the politics of the country. Therefore, I decided to investigate further into this fascinating but heartbreaking story of war between Sudan and South Sudan. After creating my poem reflecting this political but very human struggle, I submitted it to the competition. A few weeks later I heard back that my poem had been selected as a finalist in the competition and I was elated. I have written my poem below. Within the poem I have written quite a few dates which represent the dates on which treaties were signed or battles were begun. If you are interested then you should definitely research more and if you want me to do a blog dedicated to explaining and giving my opinion on the events in South Sudan and Sudan then comment below! Finally I want to clarify that I do not mean any offence with this poem, this is simply my perspective of the situation as I discovered it and I appreciate if you read it with an open mind. I am certainly not saying it is a poetry masterpiece, in fact far from it, but I feel that this political hardship is one that is not spoken of enough. Also if you would like me to upload more political poetry then comment below, like and follow this blog! Now without further ado, let the poem commence. (p.s. the Lamb is South Sudan).

The Lion and the Lamb

1956, sweet independence

The Lion grew so big, the lamb lying behind

Climbing up the world, the Lion started its ascendance

The Lamb always feeble, the Lion made it blind.

Falling, falling, falling, falling

Two worlds torn apart

Killing, crying, waiting, crawling

Crushing both the hearts

1972, sweet independence

The Lion strokes the Lamb, licking at it wounds

The Lamb starts to feel an aura of transcendence

Peace? All but doomed

Rising, Rising, Rising, Rising

Hope is on its way

Suffering, flying, dying, despising

Not a single word could they say

1978, 1983

The Lamb is torn away, crushing all its dreams

Upon no freedom for the Lamb, have they agreed

The Lion tricked the Lamb again, all is at it seems

Falling, falling, falling, falling

Death was an escape

Fighting, lying, famine, bawling

Living in a ghastly state

2005, 2011

The Lamb and Lion truce, anxiety hangs about

The Lion’s pride is hurt, the Lamb tempting the heavens.

The Lamb steals independence with the slightest doubt

Rising, rising, rising, rising

No one is safe yet

Poverty, starving, murder, uprisings

Calm has not been met

December 2013

The Lamb jumps up with wild eyes

The Lion towers over feeling fresh and clean

Seeing through failure and lies

Rising, falling, rising, falling

The Lion hurts the lamb

Victims, hardships, faith lost, mauling

The world ‘helping’ is a sham

However, each Lion is a Lamb

When facing its own struggle

Bring aid to South Sudan

Before all life crumbles

Signing out,



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