Reflections of chaos.

Dear readers,

In my final General Election blog I wanted to write about my reflections on the outcome and my predictions for the future of the government.

My plans for 8th June was to stay up until 10:00pm, go to sleep and wake up to a landslide Conservative majority. I had already resigned to this fact. However at 10:00pm the phone rang, and my sister was telling us to switch on the news as quickly as possible and look at the exit poll. I went up to bed at 11:30pm with 5 alarms set strategically throughout the night to check the election result. It had soon become apparent that the result had shook the nation and most importantly, Theresa May.

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My sister put it very well on the evening of 9th June that if an alien had landed on UK at that moment, with only the knowledge that a general election had happened, they would have thought Labour had won and Conservatives had lost. In my opinion this was an election of expectations and a Conservative supporter who woke up happy with the result completely missed this point. In simple terms, Theresa May had called this snap election to to increase her majority and annihilate the Labour Party. This snap election was not asking the public whether they wanted a Labour or Conservative government, it was asking them whether they wanted Theresa May. The country answered with a resounding no.


My genuine fear was the removal of Jeremy Corbyn after this election. In my opinion he is the first honest, authentic and moral leader we have seen in a long time, if ever. Those people who constantly complained that ‘all politicians are corrupt’ finally had someone they could vote for. However, with this election outcome of increasing the number of seats from 232 to 262, particularly the youth of the country have spoken and said they want Jeremy Corbyn. He has come to represent the voice and ideals of the youth and no one can take this away from him. In a mere 7 weeks, with all the odds against him, he managed to increase the number of seats to a number greater of both Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband. To people who do not see Jeremy Corbyn as a leader, if this is not leadership, then I cannot tell you what it is (however I would be fascinated to hear your thoughts in the comments.) Thus, the humiliation for Theresa May, who lost her majority, her respect as a politician and essentially shot herself in the foot, compared with the tidal wave of support for Jeremy Corbyn clearly shows a winner.


However, regardless of my joy, I was quickly brought back down to earth the next day when I heard of the agreed alliance between DUP and Conservatives. Just to clarify, the DUP are anti abortion, anti LGBT and there are fundamental disagreements in Conservative and DUP policies.  (This morning when I woke up I saw that they had accidentally released a statement saying there was a confidence and supply deal but this has been retracted and discussions are still going on). Minority governments have not had a great history, with many failing within a few months and calling another general election. The issue this time is the context around which this could happen, namely Brexit. It is hardly the best point, during Brexit negotiations, to call another general election. One thing is for sure, regardless of when the next general election happens, I very much doubt we will be seeing Theresa May as leader. Another possibility is a Conservative leadership election after negotiations in 2019, leading up to the general election in 2021 or 22. However, only having been 2 days since the general election, so much fallout can still happen! In fact the situation could be wildly different form when I am writing this and when I am uploading this!

Next week I will probably be uploading a blog about my opinions of vegetarianism and veganism to spice up my content as bit. For now I would love to hear your thoughts on the election and what you are predicting will happen in the future in this uncertain time! Until next week!

Signing out,



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  1. Rashda says:

    I fully agree with you Jeremy Corby not has proofed that he is the leader and youth can see the future in him.conservative menifesto was disaster and flit brought their popularity down. The only Libral party left is labour now. The leaders need to plan the future step very carefully

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  2. emmasoffagain says:

    Interesting and honest post, I like it and agree. The country (and youth, 72% of them voted – YES) have spoken and change needs to come but not in the form of Conservatives with DUP! x

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